Intel Playbook

Standardize social engagement rules on a global basis.


  • Empower Intel employees to go from monitoring conversations to joining discussions in ways that add value, showcase Intel products and knowledge, and positively impact key business objectives. In order to establish efficiencies in this area, the Intel Playbook provides quick tips, techniques and external resources to:
    • Establish topics to monitor.
    • Identify sites where target demographic discussed pertinent topics.
    • Prioritize which conversations matter the most.
    • Engage when appropriate.
    • Create a resource allocation plan.
    • Measure impact and performance.


  • Raised Intel presence and voice across strategic social assets.

ComBlu’s Role

  • Developed a best-practice social marketing playbook comprised of the necessary guidelines and tools required for effective social monitoring and engagement including planning, execution, management and performance impact.
    • Standardized employee social profiles.
    • Determined how to scale efforts across regions and teams.
    • Identified existing gaps and augment social media policies and guidelines around engagement.
    • Augmented with extensive third-party research for commonalities and best practices.
    • Developed a decision tree model for internal escalation and tracking conversations to conclusion.
    • Provided guidance and methodologies for performance measurement.