GE Capital Real Estate Measurement

Establish a system to effectively measure the thought leadership program at GE Capital Real Estate.


  • Showcase and celebrate the extremely successful results of the multiyear thought leadership campaign at GE Capital Real Estate.
  • Highlight the ROI of the thought leadership campaign with company executives.
  • Establish a system that uses actual numbers to evaluate the thought leadership campaign.
  • Highlight the success of individual executives that actively participate in the program.
  • Incentivize additional company representatives to participate in the program.
  • Garner support to expand the program.


  • Raised the stature of company spokespeople participating in the program within the firm.
  • Garnered interest among new company spokespeople to participate.
  • Established a measurement system that proved the worth of the program among company leaders.
  • Assisted marketing contact in taking steps toward securing Six Sigma Green Belt (used measurement program as key project to garner Green Belt).

ComBlu’s Role

  • Developed a system to measure the success of the ongoing thought leadership campaign.
  • Created a system to assign a point value or impact rating to measure the overall quality of key placements (a unique measurement created by ComBlu).
  • Designed a dashboard that showcases the results of the program on several key measures including article quality (impact rating), article quantity, total opportunities vs. total placements and core messages by media impression.