Dell Social Engagement Roadmap

Develop a strategic road map to inform the planning, design, execution and implementation of social engagement programs for consumer brand advocates.


  • Form a new cross-functional team within the organization to establish a center of excellence approach to social engagement.
  • Develop a brand advocacy playbook from ideation to implementation that defines core processes for advocate identification and recruitment; engagement strategies and tactics; measurement practices; internal alignment and collaboration; and resource requirements.


  • Created a strategic and integrated road map for potential success metrics; identification and recruiting approach; sample engagement recommendations; and key resource requirements to execute consumer advocacy programs.

ComBlu’s Role

  • Analyzed deep demographic data among target consumer segments; supplemented with additional best-in-class advocacy models.
  • Defined key success metrics.
  • Identified the foundational requirements based on the needs of the different business units to prepare for and execute on strategy and implementation.
  • Illustrated the processes and documented the core activities to identify, recruit, activate and engage brand advocates.
  • Provided an overarching engagement strategy and recommended tactics for specific consumer segments.
  • Recommended potential integration points with existing brand and marketing campaigns and initiatives.
  • Provided guidance on resource requirements and platform needs.