Cisco Content

Create more sales-ready leads and increase conversions.


Create a faceted content strategy that considers the needs of multiple technical decision-makers along path-to-purchase.

  • Take the journey through the lens of the customer on both owned and third-party properties.
  • Gain insights into the “go to” places for each technical decision-maker and assess Cisco’s presence.
  • Identify gaps in content and its discoverability to inform creation of efficient, effective content roadmap.


  • Developed insights that allow product groups to create the most influential, in-demand content for each buyer along path-to-purchase.
  • Uncovered content gap at important lead nurturing point of funnel for specific decision-makers.
  • Provided data to ensure that content is most discoverable at various points in journey.
  • Streamlined workflow for content creation and pinpointed how to use customer advocates as VOC on third-party sites.

ComBlu’s Role

  • Overlaid multiple pieces of research to enhance understanding of each persona in the decision set.
  • Created use cases that provide content for “real world” journey of potential buyers.
  • Conducted journeys and uncovered “red flag” areas where the content experience lagged or brand presence was missing.
  • Audited content against journey findings and developed faceted roadmap for each decision maker at each point of journey.
  • Included insights for content preferences for each decision maker.
  • Conducted workshops to transfer knowledge to content creators on how to use the information going forward.