Cisco Analytics

Measure impact of social content along path-to-purchase and understand which channels, content and actions move customers along path-to-purchase.


  • Integrate multiple measurement dashboards into a streamlined system and permit multiple views and level of detail.
  • Migrate from activity metrics to a value story against defined business KPIs associated with each point of decision journey.
  • Create an index for each KPI that pulls metrics from multiple sources and weights them per their contribution to KPI success.


Created dashboard system that allowed Cisco to:

  • Surface best content for marketing sites and CRM initiative.
  • Track content by category, type and reach.
  • Identify best channels for amplification.
  • Uncover trending topics, best authors, content formats.
  • Evaluate social ecosystem performance against path-to-purchase.
  • Inform content roadmap.

ComBlu’s Role

  • Define KPIs and associated metrics for each point of decision journey.
  • Inventory relevant digital assets.
  • Create list of available data points.
  • Select metrics associated with each KPI.
  • Pull into dashboard using platform APIs for selected channels (Slideshare, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc).
  • Evaluate on monthly basis and make recommendations for program calibration.