Barclaycard Ring

Drive preference for Barclaycard as a credit card choice for U.S. consumers and disrupt category.


  • Fundamentally shift how consumers see and interact with their credit card company by introducing the first crowd-sourced credit card. The product, Barclaycard Ring, puts the power back in the hands of customers by allowing them to choose various aspects of the credit card from servicing model to monthly fees.
  • Embed card member community as a core product feature.
  • Teach consumers how a credit card makes money and demonstrate how their individual behaviors and collective decisions can impact their ability to drive card features based on its profitability.


  • Gained adoption rates and profitability above industry average.
    • Customer retention improved 25% with complaint decreasing by 50% compared to “normal” cards.
  • Stimulated high community engagement.
    • Card members impacted late-fee policy, grace period, card design and community rewards structure.

ComBlu’s Role

  • Developed community strategy and applied best practices to various aspects of design and execution.
  • Community strategy.
  • Advocate mission, recruitment and activation.
  • Community engagement plan and execution.
  • Gamification strategy used for member rewards and recognition.
  • Partner strategy and outreach to drive member acquisition.
  • Influencer ID and outreach.