American Hospital Association

Re-establish the AHA–Financial Solutions brand and engage its staff and customers on the unique value of the organization.


  • Leverage unmet needs of customers to modify the existing business model to make the organization a better partner.
  • Educate employees and customers on the Financial Solutions value proposition.


  • Uncovered unknown information gaps and operational barriers that were easily solved by management, creating an immediate “win-win.”
  • Unified internal understanding of the organization’s brand, its goals and objectives.
  • Increased marketplace knowledge of the organization’s value by 45%.
  • Utilized newly acquired knowledge of customers that resulted in a new product offering designed to specifically meet an unmet member need that received great marketplace reception.

ComBlu’s Role

  • Designed and analyzed a field staff survey on the organization and its value to key audiences.
  • Conducted a perceptions analysis study among key external audiences.
  • Educated staff on market perceptions of the organization based on insight uncovered by the field staff survey.
  • Led two daylong employee training sessions on new approaches and techniques for job success.
  • Developed mass customized communications such as value and benefits letters, tools including branding talking points and resources of the organization’s programs and products.
  • Developed members’ needs into business proposals for new products and/or services.