Maintain status as world-class, cutting edge marketer and drive unprecedented growth through marketing excellence.


  • Provide marketers globally with dynamic hub where they can easily find relevant cutting-edge content, best practices, access to peers and experts, learning and development resources and opportunities to engage with other marketers.


Creation of hub experience that allows marketers to:

  • Explore and discover content.
  • Design and develop solutions through templates, tools, guides, etc.
  • Find information to take projects to next level.
  • Use benchmarks to measure impact.
  • Connect with SMEs to stress test approaches and ideas.
  • Contribute best practices and interact with others in similar roles.
  • Personalize and manage the hub experience.

ComBlu’s Role

  • Audit and analyze existing content experience.
  • Determine discoverability of current and best content.
  • Overlay multiple VOC research and augment with direct interviews to provide context for pain points that prevent innovation, collaboration and project efficiencies.
  • Identify unmet needs and create content strategy and roadmap.
  • Create desired future state and experience for Marketing Hub.
  • Develop taxonomy to make content hosted in multiple CMSs discoverable within new hub experience.
  • Provide wireframes to internal development team.