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There are a lot of blogs on social marketing, social media and word of mouth today and like bellybuttons, everyone has an opinion.

Here is the thing that has bugged me for nearly the last two years (yes, that is a long time to be perturbed by anything unless you are Lewis Black).

Are you ready?

Many of the published approaches and opinions on social today are clinical or theoretical.  They don’t take into account the realities of everyday business.  In other words, what happens when the ever present ‘pivot’ is required or the budget for the more complete and elegant program strategy is clawed back by management or a re-org occurs and all your senior stakeholders have vanished.

As I sit here writing this post, I am reminded of a statement I recently heard, “a plan is something you throw out when you are down by 14 at the end of the first quarter.”  Since we are in the midst of pre-Super Bowl hype,let’s go with the analogy. My point here is that plans, like social programs and strategies should be fluid.  They are full of audibles and broken plays.  Sometimes it is the simple shovel pass that wasn’t even a play option that gets the first down.

With this in mind I introduce to you WOMMA TV.  As WOMMA TV’s host, I promise you a no-holds barred and in-depth peek (or as in-depth that 15 minutes will allow) peek into the real world of doing social well. We are going to leave the charts, process flows and social theory to others.  For those of you who know me, you know I love charts as much as the next geek but that isn’t the purpose of WOMMA TV.  Instead, WOMMA TV will be more ‘reality tv’ than produced sitcom.

WOMMA TV’s pilot is in the can and the first episode is in less than two weeks.  You’ll find it the end of the first week of each month at WOMMA’s website, as well as, here.  It will also be promoted on Twitter.  You’ll find it on YouTube and a variety of other places.  Just search ‘WOMMA TV’.

Each month, just prior to the show, I will publish a post with the upcoming topic and a peek behind the scenes of the upcoming episode.

It’s my hope that you’ll add WOMMA TV to your list of your ‘must consume’ monthly content on social.

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