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Content By Any Other Name…

What do you learn when you visit nearly 100 support portals or public knowledge bases (KB) in a short period of time? Here are five observations from just such a recent journey that I took as part of [...]


Customer Service in the Social Sphere: Addressing Negative Tweets

Earlier this month, my colleague Colleen wrote a very interesting post on the Topography of Twitter Networks that laid out the six network types on Twitter and explained how each network has a [...]


Bringing Summer Fun to Community Engagement

After the longest winter ever, summer has finally arrived! Depending on the type of community you are managing, the summer months – and their natural distractions – could have a very real impact [...]


Topography of Twitter Networks

Understanding how to leverage Twitter for your brand or organization is a challenge. With over 250 million active users Twitter can feel like a giant social universe that is hard to navigate. In [...]


Technology: Not just for IT

I recently attended a webinar facilitated by Social Media Today that discussed the changing dynamics of IT and Marketing. Gartner has been projecting that the CMO will spend more on technology than [...]