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Managing The Torrent

Click the image above to view the full infographic. At a recent industry event, marketers from both B2B and B2C brands were in heated discussions about the complexity and [...]


Social Media at the Sochi Games

The 2012 Olympic Games in London were dubbed the world’s “first social games” or “Socialympics,” as showcased in several previous ComBlu Lumenatti posts. The London games connected [...]


Where does your content journey lead?

  Nothing speaks more to the need for understanding your buyer’s content journey than this: 70% of a purchase decision is made before talking to the company. At least that’s the case in [...]


Go Fish

Everyone is a buzz about digital story telling these days and its gain in popularity makes sense. Stories are the fabric of our history. They can be verbal, written, a song, a painting, a photograph, [...]