Monthly Archive for: " October , 2013"

The Need for Topic Modeling

  At ComBlu, part of our approach to content strategy includes an insights process involving a deep dive on topics. One interesting trend I have noticed in the last six months is an increase in [...]


When Will They Learn?

It is a good thing that we are still surprised to read certain stories or hear of certain actions, and my most recent surprise was reading that Samsung was fined for paying people to specifically [...]


Today’s Press Release: Different World, Same Rules

Having led numerous thought leadership and media relations campaigns, not to mention serving as the “Chief Press Release Writer” at ComBlu for more years than I care to share, I thought it [...]


When slinging mud is a good thing

Writing about the power and importance of social networks and location-based technology must seem so yesterday. But, what if the devastating floods that hit Colorado in September happened in the PC [...]


Two Thumbs Up or Down?

According to Ed Keller, CEO of Keller Fay Group, all media is social and offline word-of-mouth (WOM) is just as important as its online counterpart. This distinction is missed by many social/digital [...]