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Confessions of a Check-In Addict

  Without fail, my New Year’s resolutions are always the same: get fit, quit smoking and get out of debt. But this year, I’ve added a new one to my list: stop oversharing. Let me [...]


So…Do You Still Believe?

It is truly hard to believe that with this post, there are only five days left until Christmas! For the last couple of years, the month of December seems to fly by faster and faster for me and there [...]


Social Networking for Employees

“It might be a distraction.” “It is more of a social tool than something that will benefit the company.” Enough! The arguments against employee social networks are as out-of-date as Myspace. [...]


Engaging Strategies

With 2011 rapidly coming to a close, the year-end wrap-ups and 2012 forecasts are starting to roll in. In Ad Age, PR pros cited engagement as the key goal for 2012, as brands – and their agencies [...]