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And now a word from our members

There are a lot of blogs on social marketing, social media and word of mouth today and like bellybuttons, everyone has an opinion. Here is the thing that has bugged me for nearly the last two years [...]


Social Media Butler

The Sunday CBS Evening News featured a new service being offered to guests at the posh Madison Hotel in Washington, DC– a social media butler. The social media butler is being offered as part of a [...]


Seven Resolutions for Creating Your Social Content Calendar

  Share this news. Re-tweet this great testimonial. Pin our new infographic. Instagram our brilliant creative. Promote our contest. Get them to like us – really, really like us. It’s [...]


Patients Increase Use of and Trust in Social

Last night CNN ran a story about Salvatore Iaconesi – a man who posted his medical records online after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. His hope is that other patients who have faced a similar [...]


A Thumbs Up is A Terrible Thing to Waste….

Considering that South by Southwest® (SXSW®) is the “premier destination for discovery,” why wouldn’t ComBlu be first in line to participate in this cultivating event? That’s why we have [...]


Socialympics 2012

As my colleague, Pam Flores, wrote a few weeks ago, many have dubbed the 2012 Olympic Games the Socailympics. Why? Because social media will be as prevalent at the 2012 games as bad blazers and white [...]


Three New Tools to Help Brands Share their Stories

  Logging in. Linking In. Checking in. Pinning. Posting. For a social media marketer, it can be oh-so-exhausting. But, like a good social media doobie, you do it every day: Leverage your social [...]


The Social Side of the Olympics

My entire life I have been an Olympic Games junkie. No matter if it was the Summer or Winter Games, I found myself counting down the days until the opening ceremonies, and would then watch as much of [...]


Spring into community

  Cheers to spring. It means gardening, baseball, sunshine, barbeques and the promise of summer. It also means that ComBlu is busy gearing up for the 2012 State of Online Branded Communities [...]


Social Around the World

ComBlu was recently asked to help a client in the technology industry develop an approach for extending its successful U.S.-based feedback community into a variety of international markets. Intrigued [...]