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Resolve to be customer-centric in 2019

For years, companies have embraced conceptually the need for customer-centricity. A key, but tricky marketing trend in B2B is applying that concept to content strategy. ComBlu is often asked to speak [...]


Is Your CX Transformation a Culture-Obsessed Quantum Change or a Hologram?

This post was written by ComBlu partner Steven Keith, Founder of CX Pilots.  Leaders of professional services firms who are tasked with implementing CX programs are often looking for the best way [...]


Content in 2018 and Beyond

This was originally published on, by Kevin Nichols, a Big Content Alliance Partner.  One of my favorite LinkedIn influencers, Tom Goodwin, recently wrote in a LinkedIn post: [...]


Avoid These 12 Potential Pitfalls in CX

This post was written by Steven Keith, Founder of CX Pilots.  As the discipline of Customer Experience glides firmly into the mainstream and nearly everyone across marketing, e-Business, and [...]



This summer I immersed myself into the drama and intrigue of the evolving B2B Buyer. I read several recent sizzling studies and papers from a variety of sources designed to examine the state of B2B [...]



In my professional life, I work with companies looking to create customer experiences that’ll help set them apart from the competition. In the process, we take a hard look at the touchpoints – [...]


How Do You Manage Content Quality?

With the vastly increasing amount of content that brands must create daily, consistently producing high impact content is a huge challenge – particularly when content is created by many parts of [...]


Part 1: Getting started with content personalisation

This post was originally written by ComBlu's Kathy Baughman and featured on, Gather Content. ComBlu is a founding member of The Big Content Alliance (BCA), along with AvenueCX.  BCA was formed to [...]


Content Bingeing in a B2B world

Data is a natural by-product of today’s modern marketing techniques. Not only do our platforms generate a ton of information about the digital body language of customers and prospects, we can also [...]


Reader’s Choice – Most Popular ComBlu Content of 2016

This list is based on the most viewed and shared blog posts and slideshows in 2016. What is notable is that many were not developed this year. Below is a myriad list of topics that seem to be on the [...]