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Another Blog Post about Content Marketing

Fact: Content marketing is the new darling of social business and has dominated the conversation over the last few years. The numbers speak for themselves. There were roughly 50,000 blog posts and [...]


Thought Leadership Versus Content Marketing—One and the Same?

Thought Leadership Versus Content Marketing—One and the Same? Everywhere you turn today in our industry, people are talking about content marketing. Content initiatives have taken on a life of [...]


Listen Up!

A quick guide to social listening If you haven’t been exercising your right to fast forward through commercials lately, you might have noticed a few IBM ads on TV about social analytics and how it [...]


Take 5 – and Evaluate Your Content Strategy

  In the flurry of predictions for hot marketing trends in 2013 and beyond, you’d be hard pressed to find a story that didn’t include content at its core. Whatever the context – delivered [...]


Journey Work: Make sure you plan the right trip

  By now, everyone knows all the mantras about content: · Content is the new “social.” · Content is the core asset of social marketing. · Brands are publishers. · Content is [...]


The Social Side of Sundance

  “Take me with you.” If I could fit my friends, family and colleagues in my suitcase, I would, but to avoid exorbitant fees for overweight luggage, I rely instead on my favorite social [...]


How Effective Is Your Marketing Content?

As you publish marketing content, you need to ensure that you have systems in place to measure its effectiveness as well as continuously improve your content marketing efforts. The best way to do [...]


Seven Resolutions for Creating Your Social Content Calendar

  Share this news. Re-tweet this great testimonial. Pin our new infographic. Instagram our brilliant creative. Promote our contest. Get them to like us – really, really like us. It’s [...]


Catch Phrases from the 2012 WOMMA Summit

  My family are board game fanatics, wit “Catch Phrase” being a favorite. I constantly hear phrases that I think would be good for a professional version of the game. This happened a lot [...]


The future of marketing: All roads lead to Rome

  On October 18th, I-COM, The International Conference for Online Measurement held its 2012 Global Summit. This is important because I-COM is probably the most important marketing conference [...]