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Community 2.0 2010: A conference where the primary benefit wasn’t just networking

Community 2.0 was held in Boston May 3-5, 2010.  Some interesting facts—First, there was virtually no mention of this “new technology” or that “new app.”  Second, the conference was [...]


Kindle’s Going Social

I love my Kindle. It’s a joy to download books while I’m stuck on the tarmac or sitting on the beach. As a road warrior, it’s wonderful anytime I can jettison poundage from my carry-on, and the [...]


Badges? We don’ need no stinkin’ badges!

Everyone knows the line.  It’s a classic.  Why is it important?  Because as social media makes its inevitable evolution from interesting tactic to its grown up form, social marketing; badges, [...]


Jerry must have used Budget

There’s a Seinfeld episode where Jerry rents a car only to find out when he goes to pick it up that there’s no vehicle available for him. Following I paraphrase the episode. Seinfeld goes up to [...]


Social Job Search

Before my brother, Fat, (don’t ask) lost his job, he didn’t know what Linkedin was. Fat is 53 with a stay-at-home wife, a four year old son, and a nine month old daughter. He got married for the [...]


Social marketing takes the whole village

  Who owns social marketing initiatives?  Well, the marketing team of course! Seems like a logical answer but wrong.  To do social marketing and specifically community well, it takes the [...]


Keep that human teddy bear out of my bed, please.

  I thought it was a joke. Holiday Inn in London is offering a human sheet warming service. Apparently, some staffer dresses in a fleece suit, jumps between your sheets and warms them up for [...]


Microsoft Outlook 2010 Goes Social

Microsoft has officially released the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta to the public and I could not wait to install it.  After all, ComBlu did put together a private community for Microsoft advocates to [...]


No News Is Bad News!

  Our firm, ComBlu, hosted the Midwest regional judging of the WOMMy Awards a few weeks ago, which are sponsored by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA). A group of judges from [...]


What community platform should I use?

In the past 6–8 months, I’ve been asked the same question about a dozen times from clients and colleagues.  What platform should I build my community on?  This seemingly harmless question can [...]