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A Social Salute

Right before the holidays I had the honor of presenting at the All Services Social Media Conference, which was sponsored by The School of Continuing Studies at Georgetown University. The event was [...]


Social marketing takes the whole village

  Who owns social marketing initiatives?  Well, the marketing team of course! Seems like a logical answer but wrong.  To do social marketing and specifically community well, it takes the [...]


I’m tired and my head hurts……

  But not from the usual Vegas reasons: staying up late, losing money and drinking too much. I did none of those during the three day WOMMA 2009 Summit in sin city. My excuse is too much [...]


Talk is cheap.

I have been thinking about the best way to open this blog post now for over a week.  Frankly, I struggled.  Every example I came up with was flat as week old Coke.  Until 3:27am this morning, when [...]


No News Is Bad News!

  Our firm, ComBlu, hosted the Midwest regional judging of the WOMMy Awards a few weeks ago, which are sponsored by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA). A group of judges from [...]


Community: More social science than computer science

  We’re about to release findings from some research ComBlu conducted to gather insights about the state of online community marketing. Without getting too far ahead of ourselves, let me [...]


The Tower of Babble

There is a story about the Tower of Babel in which a great tower was built in the city of Babylon thousands of years ago. Babylon was a cosmopolitan city, many of the citizens were very impressed [...]


Is Social Media a ‘trick play’?

Yesterday I had the good fortune to be with a couple of former NBA greats.  My nine year old son and a handful of his friends had the good luck to spend a couple of hours at Conseco Field House’s [...]


Making the leap from product utility to customer experience

I recently attended the latest WOMMA conference in Miami. It was an intense two days, full of knowledge transfer during various break out sessions. We explored the trends and insights of customer [...]


Community by the Numbers: Part 3

Below is a real excerpt example taken from a CPI (Consumer Performance Index) dashboard. Why am I showing this?  Simple. If you can not articulate and defend the value your community is delivering [...]