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The People Channel

One of the chapters in our new eBook, Content Supply Chain, deals with building a diverse mix of content amplification channels. Paid, Owned, mass social and earned media all play a role in content [...]


Content is a Strategy

Content is a topic of growing interest to many organizations. ComBlu recently analyzed hundreds of conversations about content (many from the Top 42 Content Marketing Blogs compiled by Junta42 this [...]


The State of ROI in Social Measurement – Time to Focus on the “How”

Recently, the ComBlu team conducted a deep dive on the state of measurement in our industry. We looked back at online conversations over the last 18 months to glean any insights into the maturity and [...]


Social Road Mapping

Making decisions in isolation is rarely a good idea especially decisions that impact other people. Let’s review a few possible scenarios, both big and small and see the cause and effect of [...]


Are You Relationship Material?

  With my 25th wedding anniversary rapidly approaching (yipes), my mind has naturally been on relationships. Thinking back to all the advice we got leading up to that summer day in 1986, it [...]


A community for everyone is really a community for no one

I have an acquaintance who is in a wheel chair.  He was a former top ranked cyclist who had a severe accident that put him there.  Recently I ran into him and asked how it was going. His response [...]


Growing Beyond Social Experimentation

  I’ve always loved the phrase “Grandmother Research.” It’s a casual approach to gathering input about a topic of interest. The person conducting the survey asks everyone they know [...]


Death bed heroics are not a good long-term strategy

  Today’s  “Theory and Practice” column in The Wall Street Journal was about the shelf life of CEOs’ “hunker down” strategies. It seems that the Great Recession inspired some [...]


Badges? We don’ need no stinkin’ badges!

Everyone knows the line.  It’s a classic.  Why is it important?  Because as social media makes its inevitable evolution from interesting tactic to its grown up form, social marketing; badges, [...]


What if IBM ran the healthcare debate?

  One of the first things that Sam Palmisano did after becoming CEO of IBM was to do a values gut check. Palmisano felt strongly that a refreshed values system would provide a roadmap for [...]