Reader’s Choice – Most Popular ComBlu Content of 2016

2016This list is based on the most viewed and shared blog posts and slideshows in 2016. What is notable is that many were not developed this year. Below is a myriad list of topics that seem to be on the minds of our readers: thought leadership, digital transformation, marketing operations, content strategies, social business and more. Browse the list and hopefully there is something for you.





Blog Posts

  1. Thought Leadership Content In The Financial Services Industry: What’s Trending?
  1. Topic Modeling Tips to Keep Your Content Relevant
  1. Pre-Personalization Is a Thing: Part Two
  1. The Three C’s of Digital Transformation
  1. You’re Being Assigned to the New Content Marketing Team. Now What?
  1. On Being Authentic
  1. Communications Skills Training in the Digital Age
  1. Pre-Personalization Is a Thing
  1. Four Social Engagement Resolutions for B2B Marketers
  1. Effortless Content Doesn’t Come Easy


Slideshows and Presentations


Jennifer Voisard
Jennifer Voisard

Senior Consultant

A social marketing specialist with expertise in advocate identification and engagement, social monitoring programs, content process, online communities and social performance metrics and analysis.

Experience across multiple industries including technology, professional services, manufacturing, consumer products, healthcare and entertainment.

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