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Why WOMMA: Kathy Baughman

This post was originally written by Jennifer Connelly on the WOMMA blog. Kathy is the president and founder at ComBlu. ComBlu specializes in content strategy, influencer marketing and thought [...]

Pre-Personalization Is a Thing

Contextual content marketing is a top agenda item of sophisticated marketers. Delivering content that targets the immediate need of the person looking for information is technically possible. The [...]

Topic Modeling Tips to Keep Your Content Relevant

“Let’s create uninspired, irrelevant or self-serving content”– said no marketer ever. And yet, that’s exactly what we deliver at times. Why? Could be too little time to fill too many [...]

What are New Tasks of Salespeople in the Digital World?

This post was originally written by Tom De Baere on his blog, B2B Marketing Experiences.  The digital evolution has changed how organizations conduct business. There’s a lot of change [...]

You’re Being Assigned to the New Content Marketing Team. Now What?

The good news is you’re going to be at the forefront of marketing. The bad news is it is getting harder to perform to expectations. So says the author of Why Content Marketing Success Will Be [...]

Four Social Engagement Resolutions for B2B Marketers

This blog was co-created with my colleague, Cheryl Treleaven. We are of the minds that the following quote speaks volumes, “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media; the [...]