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M&M. Faking customer engagement?

Ok, I love M&M’s.  Who doesn’t.  My two year old daughter really loves M&M’s.  To her, it’s a food group.  Me, if I was trapped on a desert island and could only take one candy, [...]

Form over function

Technorati Tags: apple,genius bar,advertising,marketing,customer service,CRM,social media,UGC,youtube,twitter,geico,geico insurance,comblu,marty [...]

Social Media Podcast

Recently, I was interviewed by Tom Searcy, the President of Hunt Big Sales.  Tom has spent nearly two decades in CRM, having run and sold a large CRM call center and software business. His recent [...]

5 Keys to Brand Strength

  I decided to do an experiment.  I emailed 50 business executives that know and respect.  I carefully weighed who to include.  The list took two days to assemble. The question was [...]

Cause and effect

  I had dinner last night with an economist formerly who is also a friend of mine and with whom I used to race bicycles.  Years ago, we were both track racers (riding in a velodrome with a [...]

Signs of the times

  It was 4 degrees at 5:45am this morning.  It was also dark. I slid and stumbled down the still snow covered driveway to locate my Wall Street Journal, the old-school paper kind.  Finding it [...]