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Sacred Cows: USDA Prime

  I sat next to a guy recently on a flight who was reading two books at the same time.  One was ‘Outliers’ by Malcom Gladwell.  The other was ‘Groundswell’ by Charlene Li and Josh [...]

Turning innovation over to the people

Ever look at a menu that has gobs of things on it and you still can’t find something that is appealing?  Yep, happens all the time-at least it does to me. Why is this?  It’s because even [...]

Fuzzy Math

This is going to be a short and sweet blog post, so relax.  You’ll get through it in 30 seconds. Today Brand Week posted an article titled ‘45% of CMO’s See Agencies as a Time Suck’.  [...]

Should social media rewrite business rules?

There is an interesting question.  First, you have to put a definition on what social media is. This might seem like a silly thing to do for some, but I imagine if you ask the CFO of any business [...]

Social networks: No ‘Net’ new?

In a blog posted today by Spike Jones of Brains on Fire, titled Social networks are not what you think they are Spike shares some interesting facts that come out of a recent report conducted by [...]

M&M Post Script

I received a comment from Deb Eastman, the CMO of Satmetrix regarding my recent blog post.  Her comment is below: I want to clarify a misperception in your original post, M&Ms is absolutely NOT [...]