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Kathy Baughman

Kathy Baughman's Bio

Owner and Founder

“I’m always asking ‘What’s next?’  I love being the pathfinder and discovering both new and more efficient ways of doing things.  I thrive on fusing seemingly unrelated information, approaches or bits of knowledge to form something fresh and unexpected.”

Primary Responsibilities: Inspiration, strategy, vision and creative thrust

Experience and Expertise:

  • Over 30 years being a marketing thought leader with projects spanning from strategy, word-of-mouth marketing programs, customer experience, brand councils and customer advocate identification, influencer marketing, c-suite thought leadership programs, community building, social media integration into marketing mix, resource organization and allocation strategy, communications process improvement, new product development and launch support, stakeholder communications and more.
  • Deep experience across a variety of industries including consumer products, software, hardware, telecommunications, travel, financial services, healthcare, professional services, manufacturing, retail, online communities, food, fashion, publishing and more.
  • Ability to work in cross-functional teams, manage task forces, create and direct virtual teams, bring the right resources to attack a specific assignment or challenge and account for changing market dynamics in program design.

What else can Kathy do for you?

Take a concept from idea, through execution, to measurement and tell how your results impact your going-forward strategy and approach.

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