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Conflicting goals for content marketing can create ineffective business results when audience needs do not come first. The pressure to produce new and relevant content can actually result in fewer ‘leads’ if the authors are not continuously working to address the ‘must-haves’ of their readers. Content creators have to be vigilant that their organization’s ultimate goals for improved ROI can be achieved by providing issue-specific and relevant information at the right time and place—and in the format preferred by the audience.

Making this challenge even more daunting, content has to be shaped to fit the specific needs of multiple decision-makers. In B2B marketing, ‘buying centers’ are the ‘new normal’ for major capital investment decisions. Buying centers can be comprised of C-suite executives, sales, marketing, technical and line-of-business managers who each bring a particular point-of-view to the decision-making process. Navigating these myriad wants and needs can be achieved by applying best practices in the content marketing process.

Content marketers have their choice of many technical tools to document the content process, plan publication, automate the function, track the ROI and continuously nurture the interests of their audience(s). But the tools alone do not guarantee success. It will require knowledge of the psychology of decision-making and an understanding of the interaction among multiple decision makers. Social science, more than just computer science, is a vital combination that will determine success. For step-by-step instructions into the process of content marketing click here for a copy of Content Supply Chain. It will provide a roadmap to success.

Kevin Lynch
Kevin Lynch

EVP and Co-Founder

“Knowing and understanding the competitive environment facing our clients is the key to providing them with a communication strategy programmed for success.”

Primary Responsibilities: Creative and strategic counsel, alliance/partnership formation and business development.

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Program oversight for a vast variety of clients ranging from Fortune 50 to viable start-ups.
Marketing intangible products and services, as we like to say, “the hard stuff.”
Insuring that our agency delivers measurable results, on time and on strategy.
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    Worktops Co

    Great article! One thing I’m actually having some trouble with is the industry that I’m doing content marketing in is very picture focused, with minimal wording being needed or being wanted by the audience. Any ideas what would be a good approach? (trying to stay away from infographics too).

    • Administrator

      Thank you for your comment! Try using Instagram or Vine, especially if your target demographics are millennial-oriented.

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