Content Strategy is Vital to Associations

Association managers have a pretty tough job. Not only do they have to run a business, but they are also running a membership organization. Sometimes the different sides of the association have different goals and objectives which can create a swirl on deadlines, obligations and stakeholders. With so much going on you might think: Who can afford to also focus on content strategy? The truth is you can’t afford not to.

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For associations, content strategy is not another thing you have to do on top of your current job – it’s something you can use to be successful in the areas that matter most: member recruitment, retention and revenue generation. How?


Recruitment: Compelling content establishes your association as the industry thought leader and makes yours the “membership of choice”. Content is highly valued by professionals looking to expand their knowledge and advance their careers. A solid content strategy can ensure that you offer what potential members want and value most, when and how they need it. Doing this makes your organization look smart, responsive and member-focused.


Retention: Members renew with associations that give them ongoing, easy to access value. For many association members, value means having access to the resources and information they need to keep current on trends, issues, regulations and market conditions. In other words, content that helps them to succeed. By providing fresh content in a variety of formats, including member-generated content, membership in your organization changes from being a cost to a “must-have” professional asset.


Revenue: For many associations, dues revenue is just not enough. You need ways to both expand your non-dues revenue, operate as efficiently as possible while still delivering a great member experience. Again, content strategy can help. A well-informed content strategy helps associations better promote saleable materials and meetings and focus time and energy on the things members value most.


We realize that getting started on a content strategy can seem overwhelming. And happily we are here to help. Today, ComBlu released its new eBook: Taming the Content Vortex. The eBook will help you embrace the content value proposition, create a plan to overcome pain points and successfully implement your content strategy. I invite you to download your copy today!




Colleen Nolan
Colleen Nolan

Colleen is an advocate at heart who believes that with the right message and motivation anything is possible. A strategic campaign designer and communicator, she is skilled at defining and analyzing a desired result, and then developing the marketing and communications pathway to achieve success. Colleen quickly makes an intellectual and emotional connection with key audiences and uses these skills to craft communications programs that have strong resonance and dramatic impact.

Colleen has 20+ years experience in engagement, issue management, community building and mobilization.

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