Thought Leadership

Growing Beyond Social Experimentation

  I’ve always loved the phrase “Grandmother Research.” It’s a casual approach to gathering input about a topic of interest. The person conducting the survey asks everyone they know [...]


Death bed heroics are not a good long-term strategy

  Today’s  “Theory and Practice” column in The Wall Street Journal was about the shelf life of CEOs’ “hunker down” strategies. It seems that the Great Recession inspired some [...]


Social Marketing is all about taking control

  Recently, Marketing Sherpa published a report that highlights social media’s effectiveness on program outcomes.  Ok, first of all, for the fifty-fifth time, Social Media is a tactic, not a [...]


What if IBM ran the healthcare debate?

  One of the first things that Sam Palmisano did after becoming CEO of IBM was to do a values gut check. Palmisano felt strongly that a refreshed values system would provide a roadmap for [...]


A Social Salute

Right before the holidays I had the honor of presenting at the All Services Social Media Conference, which was sponsored by The School of Continuing Studies at Georgetown University. The event was [...]


Silos are barriers no matter how you cut it

One day I stopped to ask a farmer why they use silos.  After getting the ‘boy are you some sort of igneramous'?!’ look, he answered my question.  “Keeps product separated. One goes one [...]


Someone disrupted my schema!

  Vegas is like being at a party in a house with no kitchen. This statement is designed to startle your brain, which is naturally in a static state. It uses schemas to keep its carbon [...]


Eating the social dog food or “I wish I knew …………..I already have that report”

  Imagine that you are charged with launching a social media program for your product group. You ask your agency to develop a campaign. You think through the risks and rewards and go for it. [...]


The Tower of Babble

There is a story about the Tower of Babel in which a great tower was built in the city of Babylon thousands of years ago. Babylon was a cosmopolitan city, many of the citizens were very impressed [...]


Thought leadership in a digital world

So here’s the thing: I talk to tons of people every day. Some want to chat about community strategy; others want my grandmother’s recipe for strawberry mess. (It’s yummy) Community and cooking [...]