Strategic Approach Required to Reach the B2B Buying Center

By now, it’s a well-accepted concept that buyers have deep product knowledge and are well-versed in their potential benefits long before the formal sales process begins. And, there are lots of [...]


Content Forensics: A Six Step Process

Great content roadmaps result from two things: customer obsession and organizational alignment. The first refers to the need to go beyond sectors and segments to deep knowledge of the customer and [...]


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Content Journey

Forgive the marketing speak for a minute, but I want to talk about the purchase decision process and why content journeys are so important for brands embarking on or executing their content strategy. [...]


Content By Any Other Name…

What do you learn when you visit nearly 100 support portals or public knowledge bases (KB) in a short period of time? Here are five observations from just such a recent journey that I took as part of [...]


WOMMnext = TERMSnext

The WOMMnext conference, sponsored by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), focused on what’s next in WOM. It had four tracks that concentrated on: new research, new platforms, new [...]


Is Marketing Automation Worth It? …9 Business Reasons Why Industrial Marketers Must Embrace It

By Tom Repp, founder and Partner at Market Pipeline   Marketing automation—and at its core, content marketing—offers measureable benefits for all types of businesses, including [...]


The Power of Visual Content

If you are feeling like you are drowning in content, it’s because you are! The world’s information is currently doubling every two years, giving us access to more data, facts and stories than [...]


When your brand is an ingredient… …your content strategy needs to reflect that

Ingredient branding is one of the core principles of B2B marketing for those companies whose products are a component of other products. It differentiates the product offerings and establishes [...]


Creating Content for the Tech Buyer

Recently TechTarget summarized the implications of a study conducted by SolarWinds that looked at the “Evolving Role of IT.” Not surprisingly the data shows that nine out of 10 IT professionals [...]


Influencer Identification Shouldn’t Be a Challenge

According to MarketingProfs’ recent Influencer Marketing Status Report, nearly two-thirds (61%) of the marketers they surveyed noted that one of the biggest challenges of influencer marketing is [...]