M&M Post Script

I received a comment from Deb Eastman, the CMO of Satmetrix regarding my recent blog post.  Her comment is below: I want to clarify a misperception in your original post, M&Ms is absolutely NOT [...]


M&M. Faking customer engagement?

Ok, I love M&M’s.  Who doesn’t.  My two year old daughter really loves M&M’s.  To her, it’s a food group.  Me, if I was trapped on a desert island and could only take one candy, [...]


Form over function

Technorati Tags: apple,genius bar,advertising,marketing,customer service,CRM,social media,UGC,youtube,twitter,geico,geico insurance,comblu,marty [...]


Social Media Podcast

Recently, I was interviewed by Tom Searcy, the President of Hunt Big Sales.  Tom has spent nearly two decades in CRM, having run and sold a large CRM call center and software business. His recent [...]


The One Word You Need to Know to Grow is ‘Are’

Recently, I got a call from a friend of mine. He’s a pretty smart guy, but he began our call like this. “Hey, I may be an idiot because I don’t understand something that seems so mind-numbingly [...]


The YouTube Methodology

In the November 2007 issue of CRM magazine I recently read an article titled 'Have You Caught It?'  The premise of this article was that Viral Marketing is striking out...but viral isn't to [...]