University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC)

Establish UHC’s thought leadership in supply chain management through a multimodal program for its Performance Excellence Collaborative.


  • Elevate the Performance Excellence Collaborative and its winner to national stature in the supply chain and hospital fields.
  • Capture compelling stories and outputs from the Collaborative to leverage with members and media.
  • Educate target audiences about the value proposition of UHC membership and its relevance to the hospital industry.
  • Promote UHC’s position as the innovative leader in using clinical and operational data to optimize the hospital supply chain.
  • Leverage the Collaborative to thwart competitive threats.


  • Effectively positioned UHC and the Collaborative as the premier resource for best practices in supply chain optimization.
  • Placed in-depth case study features on every Collaborative winner and the UHC process in the leading two industry publications targeting hospital supply leaders.
  • Increased UHC member knowledge of and interest in the Collaborative by 21%.

ComBlu’s Role

  • Designed and executed an overall marketing and communications program for the Collaborative designed to raise its visibility among UHC members and hospitals nationwide.
  • Visited the top-performing institution and led interviews with their clinical and operational staff.
  • Created a series of thought-provoking multimedia case studies on innovative practices, proven solutions and cost savings achieved by Collaborative winners.
  • Obtained coverage for the Collaborative process and the award winners in target supply chain and hospital media.
  • Packaged coverage and program materials for use in member recruitment and retention efforts.