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Social Ecosystems

ComBlu brings a platform agnostic approach to building social ecosystems that optimize engagement and business performance. Our team develops a point of view about technology architecture only after deeply understanding the business requirements and how current digital assets perform.

Our goal is to create wonderful experiences that stimulate engagement that matters. Our team of talented architects and developers can build from scratch or integrate new functionality and tools into an existing infrastructure. We continuously evaluate tools, platforms and functionality to keep abreast of the latest engagement mediums.

And we're fast and deliver bug-free environments. Our team is often brought in to solve challenges that others have been unable to crack:

  • Social architecture and development
  • Social system integration
  • Content system integration
  • Business requirements and platform reviews
  • Proprietary social products, apps and software
  • Digital asset reviews

Featured Case Studies

Drive purchases of Verizon Wireless merchandise.

Provide a way for members to easily discover content in an extremely robust and complicated wiki structure.

Boost member engagement and spread word-of-mouth about an upcoming event.

Identify and engage Allstate advocates to protect and enhance reputation with key stakeholders.

Build brand awareness in North America and drive both brand consideration and preference along the decision journey.

Drive consideration and preference, deepen product engagement and increase earned media.

Increase preference and broaden usage of the Windows product suite.

Deepen audience engagement through the community to support network transition and drive audience for OWN programming.

Drive awareness, consideration and preference for the rollout and launch of Microsoft’s new Office 365 cloud collaboration and productivity suite.

Demonstrate ROI of socialized recruitment process and track performance of individual recruiters.

"In my heart of hearts, I believe that ComBlu
knows/understands the Community Server platform
better than anybody else out there (including Telligent)
and have a high level of confidence in your ability to deliver."

Matt Flekenstein
Microsoft, Windows

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