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Most brands focus on short-term performance metrics such as number of fans, impressions, dwell time, unique visitors, number of campaign participants, etc. As investments in social programs increase, economic-focused decision makers want to understand longer-term value and financial returns such as LTV, sales leads, number of conversions, decision journey impact, cost deflection, etc.

Organizations also want to understand how metrics associated with softer metrics such as reputation, issue management, thought leadership amplification and share of voice are trending for specified business KPIs.

ComBlu's Social Performance Index™ (SPI™) can be customized for a wide variety of both traditional and social programs. The tool generates a dashboard that translates metrics into business intelligence. Organizations are able to use the knowledge to optimize program effectiveness and uncover ways to calibrate strategy:

  • Social business ROI analysis
  • Social media ROI
  • Social marketing ROI
  • Community health and wellness
  • Program dashboards
  • Social media measurement

Featured Case Studies

Identify and engage Allstate advocates to protect and enhance reputation with key stakeholders.

Build brand awareness in North America and drive both brand consideration and preference along the decision journey.

Drive consideration and preference, deepen product engagement and increase earned media.

Increase preference and broaden usage of the Windows product suite.

Reignite customer loyalty and grow brand affinity.

Measure impact of brand advocates on product quality and as a channel for voice of customer.

Demonstrate ROI of socialized recruitment process and track performance of individual recruiters.

Establish a system to effectively measure the thought leadership program at GE Capital Real Estate.

Increase sales and decrease overall marketing costs.

Define the Allstate brand voice and increase the use of brand messages in both internal and external communications by 15%.

"ComBlu has a very thoughtful and strategic
approach to tracking social engagement and tying it
to real business outcomes. A process that makes
it much easier to track, manage and measure ongoing
initiatives, as well as, provide real performance insight to stakeholders outside of marketing."

George Palatine

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