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Influencer Marketing

Building relationships with influencers is both art and science. ComBlu excels at leveraging earned media to amplify our clients' content, stories and thought leadership. Influencer marketing works best when a company wants to impact the consumer's decision journey, affect legislation or standards, create a new industry category, change business thought or philosophy and assume a leadership role in a specific industry or on a specific topic.

Influencer marketing is not a "once in a row" activity. An organization must have the right culture, processes and ideas to sustain dialogue, present insights and analysis, and build a following. ComBlu helps organizations develop a unique POV, create supporting content and amplify it through social and traditional media. We develop and execute sustainable programs that reach the right audiences through social tools and a network of influencers who have both credibility and validity in the marketplace.

ComBlu's strategy services include:

  • Partner programs
  • Traditional and social media relations
  • Influencer relations
  • Influencer marketing
  • Thought leadership campaigns
    • Speakers bureaus
    • Content strategy and creation
    • Events
    • Blogs and social media programs
    • Industry presence
  • Content supply chain

Featured Case Studies

Reposition the 244-year-old institution as a digital learning brand.

Increase lead generation and sales for the large enterprise business unit.

Increase preference and broaden usage of the Windows product suite.

Leverage social marketing initiatives to build relationships with influencers and partners and drive new client engagements.

Establish UHC’s thought leadership in supply chain management through a multimodal program for its Performance Excellence Collaborative.

Rebrand PerfectServe to align with hospital C-suite executives’ concerns.

Drive preference and increase market share for a Kimberly-Clark surgical product line.

Change the perception of GE Capital Real Estate from “an 800-pound gorilla” that is difficult to work with to a financial services partner that is fast, reliable and responsive among industry influencers.

Grow membership, increase advertising revenues and drive SEO.

Extend brand reach and impact SEO during consumer discovery process.

"ComBlu's team has been with CapitalSource
since the early stages of the company and has provided tremendous value through a well-executed thought leadership strategy. Hired as a partner to grow CapitalSource into a leading middle-market lender, ComBlu has exceeded expectations and remains a key asset to our future success."

Paul Wardour
VP Marketing, CapitalSource

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