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We have a proven methodology for identifying customer advocates, key opinion leaders and influencers. We view advocates and influencers or KOLs as two sides of the same coin. The influencers are those with a "big microphone" such as celebrities, media, bloggers, elected officials or social commentators. Advocates, on the other hand, are consumers or customers with a large network who are passionate about your organization.

We help you find and connect with both advocates and influencers who are most important for your mission success.

  • Brand advocate identification
  • Advocate alignment
  • Advocate segmentation and taxonomy
  • Influencer identification and mapping
  • Employee and agent ambassadors
  • Advocate recruitment
  • Advocate activation
  • Partnerships

Featured Case Studies

Drive purchases of Verizon Wireless merchandise.

Identify and engage Allstate advocates to protect and enhance reputation with key stakeholders.

Build brand awareness in North America and drive both brand consideration and preference along the decision journey.

Drive consideration and preference, deepen product engagement and increase earned media.

Increase preference and broaden usage of the Windows product suite.

Reignite customer loyalty and grow brand affinity.

Rebrand PerfectServe to align with hospital C-suite executives’ concerns.

Drive awareness, consideration and preference for the rollout and launch of Microsoft’s new Office 365 cloud collaboration and productivity suite.

Socialize the candidate sourcing and recruitment process and increase the ratio of placements to jobs.

Increase sales and decrease overall marketing costs.

"ComBlu's quantitative approach to identifying
the spectrum of evangelists — and importantly giving
actionable profiles to the various profiles — was far more
insightful than the actual speaker at the lunch. The time spent with ComBlu was equal in value to the conference overall."

Amy Gibby
formerly with

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