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Great engagement has both purpose and meaning to participants. The best programs understand how to create activities that align with business objectives and meet participants' desires for relevancy to their needs or goals.

Engagement typically falls into one of three pillars, depending upon business mission:

  • Feedback: Crowdsources innovation or captures input about product quality, experience and marketing approach.
  • Advocacy: Spreads word-of-mouth about a product, service, issue or idea.
  • Support: Mixes brand and customer experts in a peer-to-peer customer service model.

Using advocates as engagement catalysts sparks exploration and long-term involvement. ComBlu understands the magic of unleashing the power of advocates to seed content, stimulate broad participation, model high-value behaviors and optimize engagement success.

ComBlu strategists are experts at both online and offline engagement. Our services include:

  • Community
  • Social campaigns
  • Online and offline events
  • Community membership growth
  • Community management
  • Engagement road maps
  • Engagement execution
  • Brand and customer storytelling
  • Content marketing

Featured Case Studies

Drive purchases of Verizon Wireless merchandise.

Build brand awareness in North America and drive both brand consideration and preference along the decision journey.

Increase preference and broaden usage of the Windows product suite.

Leverage social marketing initiatives to build relationships with influencers and partners and drive new client engagements.

Drive awareness, consideration and preference for the rollout and launch of Microsoft’s new Office 365 cloud collaboration and productivity suite.

Develop a strategic road map to inform the planning, design, execution and implementation of social engagement programs for consumer brand advocates.

Raise profile in the community and leverage multimillion-dollar investment in marquee sponsorship of the Charter One Pavilion at Northerly Island.

Define the Allstate brand voice and increase the use of brand messages in both internal and external communications by 15%.

"Simply put, you guys rock!
ComBlu are truly practitioners that understand the art and science of social media, and that is so refreshing. Our social recruiting program will fundamentally change Manpower."

James Davidson
Senior Director, Digital Strategy

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