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Engagement is like Sunday Brunch

I was out at Sunday brunch last week and a question struck me: Is brunch really brunch if it’s not a buffet? The answer is no. The point of brunch is that you get to try a little of each thing. [...]


Social Around the World

ComBlu was recently asked to help a client in the technology industry develop an approach for extending its successful U.S.-based feedback community into a variety of international markets. Intrigued [...]


Too Many Charts, Not Enough Insight

Yesterday I was talking with a new client about our firm’s social listening program. Before I could begin explaining our approach, she stopped me and said, “I can’t take any more charts and [...]


The Customer Experience Disconnect

  What’s Your One Thing? That was the headline that greeted us as we checked my son in for shoulder surgery at a suburban Chicago hospital recently. The whole concept centered on prompting [...]