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Reputation portability

If you had a great reputation as an expert in something, you probably worked hard to earn it.  Doesn’t matter if its computers or cooking. What if that reputation didn’t matter?  What if every [...]


Blago Blast!

I have a friend who started his career almost 30 years ago as a journalist. Today, he is a PR professional who isn’t quite convinced that the world of journalism and marketing has been [...]


This cupcake sucks!

I love cupcakes and gleefully embraced the cupcake phase over the last few years. I sought out the best in my home town of Chicago and tried many places and many different kinds of cupcakes. A [...]


Social’s Morning After

Like any good party, there is a period of anticipation, which then leads to excitement and if it’s really a good fling, exuberance (sometimes irrational) which can last till the wee hours, which [...]


Growing Beyond Social Experimentation

  I’ve always loved the phrase “Grandmother Research.” It’s a casual approach to gathering input about a topic of interest. The person conducting the survey asks everyone they know [...]