Monthly Archive for: " February , 2010"

Silos are barriers no matter how you cut it

One day I stopped to ask a farmer why they use silos.  After getting the ‘boy are you some sort of igneramous'?!’ look, he answered my question.  “Keeps product separated. One goes one [...]


Someone disrupted my schema!

  Vegas is like being at a party in a house with no kitchen. This statement is designed to startle your brain, which is naturally in a static state. It uses schemas to keep its carbon [...]


Social marketing takes the whole village

  Who owns social marketing initiatives?  Well, the marketing team of course! Seems like a logical answer but wrong.  To do social marketing and specifically community well, it takes the [...]


Keep that human teddy bear out of my bed, please.

  I thought it was a joke. Holiday Inn in London is offering a human sheet warming service. Apparently, some staffer dresses in a fleece suit, jumps between your sheets and warms them up for [...]